Scot Davis, EMT-IV


Scot began his EMS journey as an outdoor adventures guide.  Scot guided backpacking, mountain biking, bike touring, climbing, whitewater boating, and mountaineering.  In anticipation of an 18-day backpacking trip, to the Copper Canyon in Mexico, Scot obtained his W-EMT-IV cert to be able to provide emergency medicine to participants as well as indigenous people he came in contact with.  Scot, and his wife Lillian, moved to Mancos, CO in 2001 hoping to establish a therapeutic wilderness program for at-risk youth (which was unable to be established).  However, during his time in Mancos Scot joined the Mancos Volunteer Fire Department and spent 5 years providing fire, rescue and EMS services to the area.  After moving to Durango, Scot took a position with Durango Fire as the Community Education Coordinator.  Since being hired he has continued his certifications as a firefighter, EMT-IV, and wild-land firefighter.


Scot, and his family, love being outdoors and camp, travel, backpack, snowshoe, mountain bike and climb.  Scot, Lillian, and two children - Sage & Leith - enjoy MTB racing with Sage, a junior in high school, standing out as placing 7th in the nation in XC at the USA Cycling National Championships last year.



Finally, Scot believes that being able to provide emergency medicine quickly and efficiently not only can improve patient outcomes, but gives great peace of mind to someone who is hurt, in pain, and (possible) scared.  Scot looks forward to wearing the TEAM-EMS jersey this season while racing as well as carrying first aid supplies during sweeps

Robert Conner