Bobby Duracel, RN (Co-Captain)


Bobby is an RN with 20 years of healthcare experience. His various roles include combat medic, hospital corpsman, phlebotomist, and critical care RN. Originally from the Midwest, he discovered mountain bikes at age 30 & decided to uproot his life in search of trails, by way of travel nursing. He later moved to Durango to work for Flight For Life Colorado in 2014 & now works in the Emergency Department while pursuing his MSN/MBA.

As a child, bicycles were his escape from… well… life in the midwest. He bailed on his bike at 17 & didn’t realize the gaping hole it left behind. Upon his rediscovery, he vowed never again pass a chance to ride his bike. The bike keeps him young and gives him something to train for. He went from total Gumby to Cat-1 racer in just three years, and hopes to continue rippin’ up trails for many years to come. He’s a big fan of enduro and DH, because there’s nothing like full-tilt-boogie over completely mental terrain. You are all invited to his 80th birthday bike ride in December of 2060. RSVP by 2055!

Robert Conner