Edwin Fairfield, EMT-I


Edwin discovered mountain biking while following in the footsteps (or tire tracks) of a friend’s older brother at age ten, and it’s been his happy place ever since. He grew up mountain biking the woods of northern NJ where he competed in his first 24-hour race at age fourteen. Despite earning degrees in physics and architecture, he spends his time prioritizing a love for the outdoors. He has worked in a multitude of bike shops across the country with roles ranging from spinning wrenches to sales, purchasing, social media/outreach, and management with a brief foray owning a high-end concierge based bicycle service business. Edwin currently resides in Santa Fe where he has spent the past four years as an EMT-I ski patroller and guide of various outdoor sports including hiking and, you guessed it, mountain biking. He is a not-so- silent partner in an awesome coffee shop and roasting business in Albuquerque, and is currently completing pre-requisite coursework for med school as he continues his career in emergency medicine. In his free time, Edwin can either be found in the mountains skiing, riding, hiking with his dog Moxie, or at a local taproom with friends… if he’s not off travelling the world.

Robert Conner