TeamEMS exists to promote and encourage health and wellness in the EMS community by empowering people through outreach, education and competition.

TeamEMS was founded by medical professionals in the emergency medical industry to combat the cumulative stress that is inherent to tasks associated with emergency response. Traumatic injuries can inflict long term impacts on more than just the victim. From dispatchers to Firefighters, EMTs to RNs, and Search and Rescue to Law Enforcement, all are eventually exposed to images most could not even dream of. We have seen how the physiological effects of a stressful work environment can lead to poor physical health, unhealthy off-work relationships, and even decreased work performance. Our experience in recovering from these negative impacts has been directly linked to our engagement in outdoor recreation. That is why we have formed TeamEMS, to facilitate and encourage our peers in their journey towards finding balance.

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Running at 10,000 ft? Sure!


Cory Stam making that line smooooooooth

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