Stephen Sheridan, MD


Stephen is originally from Florida, where he learned to be a competitive swimmer. The sport stayed with him through undergraduate studies in St. Louis, where he also heavily explored whitewater kayaking and, eventually, mountain biking.  After graduating from SLU Stephen went to Medical School at Florida State and raced for their collegiate cycling team.

Stephen regularly travels east for kayaking and biking, and treks west to link up with friends on that side of the river for bike trips often. He can be found in the southwest portion of the US with a few other Team EMS members at least a handful of times each year, and is looking forward to actually participating in his first enduro race this year. He joins the team to help spread the love of sport, and to help promote human locomotion and healthy competition, as those activities can help people in his field to blow off steam after a hard shift.


Stephen is a physician in St. Louis (emergency medicine) and is soon to be married to his long-time love Danielle. They recently purchased their first home together, with a yard big enough for their awesome pup Clayton to run around and chase birds!

That’s Stephen and Bobby Duracel a looooooong time ago!

That’s Stephen and Bobby Duracel a looooooong time ago!

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