David Kabal, Paramedic


David Kabal is a engineer turned firefighter turned paramedic turned fitness freak. Dave was born in Canada, moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2000 to escape the harsh winters and topographical paucity of the northeast. Dave first became a volunteer firefighter shortly after moving to Boulder, but kept working as an engineer in management positions at various technology companies. In 2009, his position at a technology company was moved to the UK, and Dave became a professional wildland firefighter, doing mitigation crew work and fighting wildland fires. Then a friend introduced him to EMS as a gateway drug to which he became rapidly addicted, starting as a first responder in 2008 moving to paid EMS positions with private ambulance companies resulting in Dave becoming a paramedic. Somewhere along this EMS journey, Dave got big. Real big. Like 370 pounds big. He realized that big Dave would be dead Dave without a significant life change. Dave set out to lose weight and become fit. Over the last two years, Dave has lost well over 100 pounds and is now an avid trail runner, participating in running, biking, climbing and swimming, working out 6 days a week.

The gallery below shows an AMAZING transformation earned by GRIT. Dave is an inspiration to us ALL!

Robert Conner