Chinook LIFE™ Kit Intermediate

Chinook LIFE™ Kit Intermediate


TeamEMS worked in cooperation with Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. to provide TeamEMS members tools to respond effectively when out on recreating. The Chinook LIFE Kit Intermediate gives you the tools to stop bleeding and save lives. Small enough to fit in a pack or pocket, make sure you are prepared when you need it.

Designed for bystanders and professionals alike, the Chinook LIFE™ Kit Intermediate puts bleeding control supplies, including a hemostatic dressing, in the hands of people who can make the biggest difference—those already on scene.

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Stopping arterial blood loss is the first priority and the most important lifesaving technique one can perform in order to help save a life. Exsanguination (bleeding to death) can happen in less than 5 minutes. Having the right supplies at the right time is critical when every second counts!


  • Highly visible packaging with multiple tear notches

  • Color-coded just-in-time product instructions enable anyone to provide care

  • Effective Tourniquet for arterial bleeding; includes the easy-to-use Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T™)

  • Blood-clotting gauze for additional bleeding control

  • Compact and lightweight; fits in glove boxes, desk drawers, cargo pockets and more