Mike Hamblin, Paramedic


Michael started his career as a Paramedic in Cleveland Ohio. After visiting Colorado on vacation, he immediately resigned from his job, left the city life behind and moved to the 4 corners to pursue dreams of being an adventurer. Fast forward 8 years and Michael is no longer the city slicker he once was. He has worked in both ground and air EMS and specializes in wilderness rescue and back country medical treatment. He also practices as a Real Estate Agent and is the owner of San Juan CPR, a local healthcare education business. He enjoys biking, running, climbing, skiing and rafting. These physical pursuits have helped Michael nurture and heal his mind and soul. Michael likes to educate others in the lifestyle that has helped and supported him through a career in EMS and in life. "The mountains and deserts of the 4 corners can heal anything if you let them".



Robert Conner