Race Presence



TeamEMS will compete in race events around the southwest, while simultaneously providing first aid sweep. Our jerseys will be at the start line and moving throughout the course as the event progresses. We will provide first aid assistance to other participants, assist them with calories and hydration (as needed), provide trail beta, and help to ensure that everyone has a good time - even when they struggle.

This is a small way to give back to the racing community and to be a more visible presence. Our focus is not on trailside advanced medicine - rather we are the rapid response backcountry resource. Our pack is light, our riders are strong. We will complete the most brutal climbs and the most technical descents in the name of fun and safety for all. Our experience in healthcare positions us to be an intricate, much needed, volunteer resource on-scene, should an emergency occur - and to be the perfect "first contact" with a downed rider who knows to rapidly notify the medical crew for comprehensive response.