Team Racer - Paramedic, Chris Berger

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HI!! I grew up right here in Southwest Colorado.  Being surrounded by large mountains on one side and red rock desert on the other I was drawn explore both environments.  The funnest way I found to do this has been on two wheels.  I have never raced bikes but I do have a competitive nature and am looking forward to start competing in this realm. 
As far as medicine goes I have known from a young age that I was called into medicine.  I started my career as a ski patroller at Purgatory.  Shortly after that I joined the local fire department as a firefighter/EMT.  I worked as an EMT for four years in both front country and more austere environments.  Two years ago I went to paramedic school. And have been working as a firefighter/paramedic and a ski patroller since then.