Team Racer - EMT, Natalie Nicholson


Natalie is one of those crazy ultra runners who loves pain and suffering. Her love for running started at a very young age running 5k’s with her Dad in 3rd grade. She now runs up to 100-mile ultra-marathons, is an avid road cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast. There really isn’t a mountain she won’t try to climb or new experience that scares her….well, maybe jumping out of a plane. Besides the physical challenges of running, Natalie lives for the mental obstacles of such epic races. When you are running for 24 hours or longer you come out a different person. It really changes you for the better. Natalie lives in Salida, CO and manages a bakery/deli and also works as an EMT for Event Medical. Nursing school is in the plans but she is taking some time off to train and focus on personal growth. Nat loves working with “EMS Unlimited and crew” because of all the like-minded people racing and pushing themselves to the limit–as well as the best staff ever! This season is going to be exciting with a 100 mile ultra in late July or early August depending on race scheduling with some others thrown in the middle. She is super stoked to be a part of teamEMS and hopes to accomplish some amazing things this season!